Leading Philosopher, AC Grayling, has called for a general strike against Brexit.

About time!

In an interview in The Independent newspaper, towering intellect,Grayling said  “The Government published their response to yet another [pro EU] petition saying there is going to be absolutely no second referendum, no vote in parliament. In that event, I think it would a perfectly legitimate thing to do to call for a general strike.”

Grayling recognises that the thoughts and words of philosophers are central to a productive and meaningful society. Grayling and his fellow Dons are key to our understanding of how society actually works. Without their stream of consciousness, society will rapidly enter a period of confusion and cease to function effectively. Grayling and his colleagues have been central to our survival since the disastrous EU Referendum result was announced on 24th June 2016.

AC Grayling sees the dark side

The Great Intellectual observed that the Brexit vote was simply an emotional lurch of gullible people manipulated by dark forces. Without his wisdom, we would have mistakenly seen the Referendum result as an historic return to democracy. Without his passionate writings, we would not be aware that we are committing ‘national suicide’ and descending into a disastrous abyss. Only a great philosopher can see that 2016 and 2017 is actually a rerun of the 1930s. Only Grayling and his fellow Thinkers can identify the fascist impulse secretly lurking within the blackened hearts of Brexit voters. Without Grayling’s insights we would have been misconstrued the Referendum result. Many would have simply seen it as an opportunity to re-invigorate political discourse and run our own country. This would have been a historically naive catastrophe.

AC Grayling is a true leader

Grayling understands that most people are simply unable to work things out for themselves. It requires superior intelligence and a lifetime of reflective thinking to be able to handle the complexities of the modern world. A constant dialogue with the general public only distorts the purity of thought and clarity of perception. The constant gaze of a dull and simple-minded general public is just unhelpful. Intellectuals are simply better suited to thinking things through. The EU provides the political infrastructure to insulate intelligent government policy from the requirement for popular participation. It must be defended.

It is crucial that a second referendum is organised now!

A second vote will give the opportunity for AC Grayling and others to explain, in very simple terms, that the experts know what is best. They will demonstrate that only the EU is capable of running political affairs in the UK.

If the Tory government rejects Grayling’s demands, he will down tools. Grayling will refuse to write or utter another word until the EU is restored to its rightful position of supremacy. More importantly, Grayling will refuse to think on our behalf.

Anti-Brexit 'March for Europe' rally  in London

AC Grayling has started a work-to-rule

Grayling means what he says. Since 24th June 2016, Grayling has been practising a unique form of work-to-rule. This involves writing articles and thought-pieces without the application of philosophical thought. Further, Grayling has produced a number of articles without even thinking about the consequences. A number of lengthy thought-pieces have been published which include no actual consideration or reflective judgement. We have already seen how this has a corrosive effect on liberal and progressive thought. These actions are a merely taster for the effect that of all-out General Strike.

Comrade Grayling, we salute you! We welcome your heroic sacrifice. We will give Mr Grayling full and unconditional support. Writers and thinkers must act now.

No thinking, no writing and a reckless approach to the impact on progressive thinking and democracy itself!

To the literary barricades Comrades!

No Surrender to the mad gullible mob!

The people, They Shall Not Pass!

Our demands

The Brexit vote was a cry of the uneducated and the gullible. They must be ignored by responsible politicians. We demand a General Strike of the Great and Good

Call on all thinkers, philosophers and intellectuals to:
1) Close the Macs and refuse to write articles for the Guardian and New Statesman
2) Stop thinking about the consequences of opposing democracy
3) Refuse to speak to the press about the dangers posed by the stupid masses

The strike must continue until the following demands are met in full:
1) Supremacy of the European Court!
2) Bans on the UK’s right to agree trade deals!
3) The acceptance of all EU rules, laws and regulations!
4) An end to democracy itself!

The working people of the UK support a permanent general strike from AC Grayling and all intellectuals who refuse to accept the Brexit result.

Brexit: The Wall of Honour For All Heroic Leaders