It should be obvious #1

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti and killed 100s people, yet we hear nothing about neighbouring Dominican Republic. Why?


Because Haiti is under-developed. So the population has little protection against the extreme violence that nature unleashes on it from earthquakes to hurricanes.

It’s such an obvious point, but people who talk endlessly about climate change should be arguing for more developed economies in poor countries if they want their populations to be protected. Neighbouring Dominic Republic is a big user of fossil fuels and they have a more sturdy infrastructure, stronger buildings and better emergency services.

A campaign against a hypothetical risk of an unfavourable climate 100 years in the future, that may be influenced by CO2, commands international treaties, UN bodies and £billions of research grants.

Where is the money to bring countries like Haiti up to our standard of living?

Hurricanes happen every year and always have done.

Western governments and academia is obsessed with ‘the climate’, but not with actually protecting people who are at the mercy of it’s perennial violence.

Priorities are all wrong.