The vote for Brexit is momentous.

How we respond will determine history.

For the first time in our lifetime we all have a genuine opportunity to shape the future.

The response of our leaders has shown that they are unable to provide genuine leadership. They are in a state of shock. Many business leaders, politicians, commentators and university professors have been shaken out of their complacency. They are now paralysed by indecision, doubt and fear. They are unable to see the opportunity presented to them and to us.

Whichever way you voted, it doesn’t matter. We need to take the initiative.

This is an appeal to people who want to act. We want to create a prosperous and united country and the Brexit vote gives us the chance to feel alive again as a nation.

Firstly, we must defend democracy.

The vote for Brexit must be honoured and Article 50 must be invoked.

There are 4 reasons that this must happen

  1. If the democratic decision is overturned, every election and referendum result in the future will be challenged and democracy is effectively dead in the UK.
  2. In a democracy, everyone is equal. An unemployed 55 year old in Newcastle has the same right as an Oxford don to identify what they think is in their interests and vote accordingly. If we fail to convince people, it’s because our policies aren’t right or our arguments are too weak. It is not because people are ‘stupid’.
  3. The EU referendum debate has created genuine popular debate. In spite of the fearful campaigns on both sides, discussions have raged in every workplace and home. People who were disenchanted with politics itself have been thinking through and discussing the big issues.
  4. The result has opened everything up. Everything is up for discussion, debate and decision-making.

We need to ensure that democracy is defended and enhanced. With control over our future, we need to grow up and take responsibility for making it happen.

We want in a prosperous country which is actively engaged with the world around us.

Some suggestions for founding principles:

  1. Article 50 must be invoked to stop any back-tracking.
  2. Government confirmation that all current EU citizens living in the UK have the right to remain in the UK after we leave the EU.
  3. A UK industry and innovation policy to create a new industrial revolution. We need big investments in the industries of the future and a revitalisation of deprived post-industrial areas. This policy is to be written by people who believe in transformative economic change.
  4. A UK energy policy that is dedicated to reducing the cost of energy by 50% in 5 years to support the revival of British industry and reduction in poverty.
  5. UK policies that are written by the people who know what’s needed:
    • A UK agricultural policy that is written by British farmers.
    • A UK fisheries policy that is written by British fishermen (and women).
    • A UK housing policy to maximise the availability of affordable housing
  6. A trade policy dedicated to maximise trade throughout the world.
  7. An immigration policy which is controlled, but aims to be liberal and open. Crucially it must have the backing of the British people.
  8. A review by critics of all policies enacted on the advice of so-called ‘experts’ and lobbyists (from healthy eating advice to global warming). Policies are subjected to public discussion.
  9. Public votes on the policies above to ensure that democracy becomes a living reality.

This is a first step to shaping our future. For the first time, it really is up to us.