On the morning of Friday 24th June, people in Britain woke up to discover that the British people had voted to leave the EU. However many times you hear it on the news bulletins, “The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union”, it sounds profound, exciting and momentous.

A political tectonic plate had shifted, a fissure had opened up and most people were looking into it, not quite knowing how to react.

Roughly half the population had a slight spring in their step and the other half felt a mixture of sadness, confusion and loss. Those who had campaigned and won didn’t celebrate or gloat and those who campaigned and lost felt sad and a little lost.

Everything had changed and few people understood what it is.

The campaign did not stir up a ‘toxic atmosphere’ or hostility towards immigrants. There were no graffitied Polish shops or attacks on Lithuanians. Asians largely voted for Brexit because current  immigration policy discriminates against them (in Wakefield anyway)

This was a vote for people’s sovereignty and democracy, for people to be heard.
The scare stories will be proved wrong – the ‘experts’ need to go back to school. They have been back-tracking all day. The stock market and Sterling took a dive and then ended the day broadly where it was a few weeks ago. The panic seemed to have ended before lunch.

George Osborne is still in hiding – probably looking for his Emergency Austerity Budget

The Eurocrats are now fighting between themselves – the politicos with the “we must maintain momentum or the wheels will come off” drive versus the pragmatic people who actually believe in economic trade and cooperation.

Angela Merkel is pragmatic and suggested “calm” and time to work things out.

Most of all, don’t worry.

But I have to say ..

To all ‘experts’, out-of-touch politicians, EU bureaucrats, the sneering commentators – the people have spoken.

3/4 of MPs sided with the EU against the British people, they are compromised.

The Labour Party is massively compromised.

This really needed saying – so many people simply don’t understand why most working class people are voting to leave and feel passionately about it.
They think it is driven by small-mindedness.
They are so wrong and in for such a shock.

As Lisa Mckenzie argues in The Guardian, working-class people are sick of being called ignorant or racist because of their valid concerns. The EU referendum has given them a chance to have their say.

Doug Nicholls, chair of Trade Unionists Against the EU, argues that the EU has done nothing for working-class people.

There’s so much more, but .. this is a potential re-birth of real democracy in this country. Get on the side of democracy or become increasingly irrelevant or miserable or shrill.