Poverty is the real killer

In last week’s Wakefield Express Yvonne Sibbald stated that there are no benefits to fracking and that it should be banned due to health concerns.
She may know that poverty is the biggest killer. In the UK between 25,000 and 40,000 pensioners die each winter because they cannot afford to heat their homes. Energy prices are going up because of green policies – carbon taxes, wind farm subsidies and bans on new technology, like fracking. In the US the fracking boom has halved the price of natural gas. Surely the end of fuel poverty is a massive health benefit? What would the relatives of the pensioners who are no longer with us have to say?

Greenpeace campaigns kill poor people

Yvonne cites Greenpeace as an example to us all. Does she know that Greenpeace have successfully banned the introduction vitamin A fortified rice in Asia and Africa because they oppose any food developed scientifically? “Golden Rice” was created by bio-technologists, using genetic modification, to create a simple life-saving solution for the 1,000,000 children who go blind and die each year because of vitamin A deficiency. The scientists wanted to help the poor living in slum cities, who can only afford rice. Green activists have campaigned to ban it and succeeded. Surely, a food which brings instant benefits should be welcomed by anyone who cares about humanity.

Concerns about human health are paper-thin

The green activists concern with “human health” is paper-thin. If it gets in the way of their anti-development agenda, it is quickly discarded.