Last week, Wakefield council added to the queue of northern Labour councils killing a new industry before it is born. They voted to revoke fracking licences.
Do the councillors not want an economic boom in Yorkshire?
In the beautiful US state of Pennsylvania, they have embraced fracking and seen huge benefits.
Daniel Yergin, the Pulitzer prize-wring author has taken a look, he said:
“It comes down to employment. Shale gas has created hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of jobs in the last five years in the United States. It’s brought $1 billion of revenue into the state government of Pennsylvania. It does have a transformative impact.”
Would Councillor Box have opposed coal mining and the building of railways? Does he not want well-paid jobs and cheap gas prices?
The government’s heavy handed approach to stop council’s blocking this new industry is cack-handed. But it comes from a frustration that local councils are not representing the interests of local people and doing the bidding of a small number of anti-technology campaigners and scare-story pressure groups.
Come on Wakefield Council bring some prosperity to the town!