Wednesday 7th June at 7.30pm (the evening before the general election)

Backyard Comedy Club, 231 Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 0EL

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On the eve of the general election, join us for genuine satire, punctured preconceptions and a poke at modern orthodoxies.

A group of comedians have come together to challenge the lack of political satire at a one-off event on the evening before the General Election. It is a reaction to their fellow comedians who make jokes at the expense of Brexit voters, northerners and people who don’t share their view. The comedians range in political outlook, but they are united in an attempt to re-invent satire and provide comedy for the intellectually curious.

They also address the broader question of why, during the election campaign that is one year after Brexit, writers, musicians, comedians have done little to explore what’s happening around them, why intellectual curiosity is missing and why looking down on their fellow country men and women is de rigueur.

And they’re funny. Proper funny.

The line-up is:

Andrew Doyle –  the writer behind the internet sensations Jonathan Pie.

Miriam Elia – the writer of the spoof Ladybird books, who wrote about her relationship with Turner Prize winning conceptual artist, Martin Creed in the style of Take-A-Break magazine.

Will Franken – mid-West US working class scourge of identity politics.

Dominic Frisby (compare) – an entertaining economist who asks the counter-intuitive questions and is a very funny man.

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