Editor desperately tries to bring TV journalist back on track 

“Apparently, Trump has now ordered a massive increase in drone killings and he is about to unleash the US airforce to rip Libya apart. His chaotic plans for Syria will unleash turmoil and create waves of refugees across the region… No wait sorry..”

(Fingers pressing hard against earpiece)

No, that’s old news.
Something to do with someone called Hillary Clinton.”

(Editor overheard yelling into earpiece: “Killing the dictator arabs is ok, executive orders on visas is bad”)

“Right, got it..
Massive protests have erupted across the decent world to kill arabs, but let the ones who are still alive into the US”

(Editor: “No NO! Stop talking about the killing arabs, focus on Trump. TRUMP! He is an immoral aberration”)

“Right got it, GOT IT .. Trump doesn’t want to kill anyone, but he is a bastard and he hates muslims on aeroplanes..”

(Editor: “I give up”)